Life always has a bigger plan

What a miracle to be breathing, feeling, thinking, experiencing life to such an infinite extent.

What a miracle to be bathing in Love, Trust, Freedom and be able to experience pain and grief and sorrow to such extravagant depths. That miracle never came and never will leave. That miracle is existence itself, life itself, energy itself. That miracle is all there is.  What comes next may be scary to the false sense of personal identity, but what comes next will be made of that very same stuff called the very miracle of existence. Let go, relax. Life always has a bigger plan.


When your life falls apart

When your life falls apart
When your dreams don’t fulfil
When unexpected gifts fall onto you
The unreal has been shattered
And who you truly are

Is right close
Let go!
Sit back!
Let yourself be
And be ready to burn.

What a well-disguised gift

What a well-disguised gift
That cornered me within
No way to control or manage
A life I thought was mine

What a well-disguised gift
That swallowed me within
To a bottomless abyss
I would never suspect

What a well-disguised gift
Taking me to places within
Where the pains and the emptiness
Are so beyond imagination

What a well-disguised gift
That is taking my hand
And guiding me within
With such authority

What a well-disguised gift
That is calling me in
So gently, so irresistible
Destroying all I thought I was
And leaving me empty and unable
Full of the unknown

Oh Arunachala


Energy rising

Behind those eyes

Wide open

Intensity settles there

An invisible hollow pressure

An absent lightness

Am I going to crack open and explode

Into nothing?

Oh Arunachala

My sleepless nights and days

Staring into this

Oh Arunachala

I don’t know who you are

Nor what stuff you are made of

Oh Arunachala

I don’t want to know

Just take me

I am all yours.

11/11/2010, 6am back from Ramanaashrama