The best thing that happened in my life

Was to postpone leaving India forever and instead go to Pune for a week

That was in 1992. I had been in India for 4 years, living in Calcutta and studying Bengali at R. Tagore’s Shantiniketan.

I soon became a disciple of Osho and the one week in His garden turned into 21 years. I experienced the full rainbow of His vision, squeezed the juice out of everything, and learned so much that I would need a few lifetimes to express what happened then. I was an active seeker, certainly quite confused about what it really meant, but the fun, incredible richness and blissfulness of those days was worth all. My gratitude to Osho is endless.


The second best thing that happened

Was to take an early morning bus to Mumbai and visit Ramesh Balsekar

2 days with him and my life was never to be the same again

I experienced in a profound way that I was not the doer of anything

Let alone having gone to see Him.

My meeting with Ramesh brought much needed understanding about what it is I actually was after.

For the spirirual seeker it was the beginning of the end.


The third very best thing that happened

Was to come to Tiruvannamalai at the feet of Arunachala

There the experiences of non-doership turned into a deep unavoidable understanding.

I had never done anything

It had been the greatest cosmic joke

A joke that lasted for decades


Now I am 50 and

Laughter is happening as if

Nothing had ever happened.